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Becky Baudouin
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Becky is a wife and mom to three daughters, and has been speaking at MOPS and women’s groups for six years. Her column, "a mom’s point of view," appeared in Chicago's Daily Herald for nearly five years. She is the author of Cancer, Faith, and Unexpected Joy. (September 2017)

Speaker Topics for 2017-2018 (For each topic, Becky provides small group discussion questions designed to promote vulnerable conversations around the tables.

Finding Freedom from Fear

Becky grew up with a debilitating stutter and anxiety disorder, so speaking in front of groups was on her 'anti-bucket list' -- things she never wanted to do before she died! She shares her story of finding freedom from her fears (of failure, rejection, and shame) as she has opened herself up to God’s perfect, unconditional love. Women will have a chance to make their own 'anti-bucket lists' and explore areas where fear might be holding them back. When we are rooted and grounded in His love and respond to His invitation to live in the truth of who He made us to be, we can walk in increasing freedom from fear.

Authentic Faith and Unexpected Joy in Seasons of Loss  

(From Becky's book, Cancer Faith, and Unexpected Joy)
When our lives are turned upside down by tragedy and loss, our faith, though tested, can be an anchor for our souls. As we receive God's help and draw strength from Him each day, we can find unexpected joy in the storms of life. 

What’s for Dinner?
Becky loves to cook and works part-time as a personal prep chef. In this interactive talk, she’ll share some of her favorite recipes along with practical, time-saving tips designed to help you get dinner on the table. She’ll help take away the guilt if the kitchen is not your favorite place to be, and she’ll talk about making mealtime meaningful. Because it’s not just about the food!

The Power of a Woman's Voice

As women we are told, “Let your voice be heard!” But there's a difference between having a LOUD voice and having a strong voice. As a child, Becky lost her “voice” through abuse and shame. She’ll share how, as an adult, she has done the hard work to reclaim her voice, and how she’s helping her daughters develop strong, healthy voices that honor God. (It’s not about being ‘nice’, but rather learning to speak with truth and love.) We’ll also look at the story of Joseph (from Genesis), and how, despite abuse and rejection, he used his voice to honor God and help others.

Building Healthy Marriages in a Stressed-Out World

Becky believes that one of the best things we can do for our children is to build strong marriages that will go the distance. Here, we’ll look at how our culture and our families of origin impact our views on marriage, and the difference Christ makes in our marriages. She’ll share parts of her own story as well as truths she has learned from serving in Willow Creek’s marriage ministry for more than 15 years.

Mom Myths

In this lighthearted discussion, adapted from one of Becky’s most popular columns, we’ll look at six myths of motherhood and the nuggets of truth that accompany them.
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Here’s what people are saying...

“What’s for Dinner?”— “Becky did such a great job! She was funny, honest, vulnerable and informative. I enjoyed 
everything she had to say, and what she said at the end brought tears to my eyes (I managed to blink them back for the sake of my mascara).” 

-- Dana, MOPS leader, West Chicago

"Building Healthy Marriages”—"Becky connected so well with our women. Her heart for building a marriage that lasts shines through her story and ministry work. Your women will enjoy her down-to-earth personality and warmth.” 

-- Liz Lassa, Retreat Leader, Creator of the Spiritual Circle Journal

“The Power of a Woman’s Voice”—“Becky's authenticity and scripture connections were great! The personal, scriptural, and practical applications were excellent. And we had valuable, honest table-time afterwards.”

-- Peg, West Chicago

“Finding Freedom from Fear”—"It was a beautiful evening from the weather to Becky's sharing of her story. It resonated with the women for sure, and they engaged one another with the discussion questions Becky provided, conversing and encouraging one another along those lines! So awesome!”

-- Judy, Bible at the Beach event, Wilmette. 
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